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In 1996, a young Canadian business school graduate named Ben Stewart set out to build his dream company -- one that he could apply his passions for sales, marketing and athletic competition to. With his natural entrepreneurial instincts and courage to experiment with non-traditional business methods, Ben succeeded in building Canadian Property Stars into a market-leading company in the competitive Canadian residential property maintenance industry. Now serving over 300,000 Canadian customers each year across 7 provinces and providing seasonal work opportunities for hundreds of hard-working staff each spring and summer, Ben was keen to expand his company even further.

Having travelled extensively throughout the continental United States over the years for competitive martial arts and now real estate investing, Ben has a deep respect and appreciation for the American people and American business culture. Expanding his business into the US has always been a dream...and now that dream is a reality.

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Property Stars USA launches its inaugural season early spring 2014 out of its San Jose, California and Denver, Colorado operations with ambitious plans to expand nationwide in the years to follow.

We encourage you to apply to join this fast-growing company and wish you every success!

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